Deejay B2B Table

This system is a universal solution for all event organizers who want to easily and quickly change DJ riders and place them in the center of the DJ booth.

Designed and built to the highest quality our Deejay B2B Table can withstand 200 kg
of weight at any point while PENN ELCOM locks provide sufficient resistance to the slightest
unwanted side movement.
Regardless of its weight, one simple click and you can roll in your next artist pre-installed
setup with ease and confidence, hassle-free, all plugged in and ready to perform. Implementation of industrial vibration absorbers means no stress, no vibration transmission
and zero feedback while using very demanding vinyl setup so you can finally forget concrete
slabs and other risky substitutes and focus on your show.
Wear-resistant damping mat covering the worktop surface provides additional protection for
maximum performance as well as makes our Deejay B2B table soft, safe and user friendly. More about absorption please read here - nrzenosi do podstrony Vibration free

The DeeJay B2B Table has got two sliding platforms (standard rider size 2x1m and 1x1m), placed on special rails, which allows you to prepare a DJ setup for the next artist during the performance of the previous one. At the end of the show, you can slide the central platform to the left side of the DJ booth and put the next platform in the center of the stage ready for the next artist.

You can choose table size and type from wide variety of options perfectly fitted to your show and size of the stage. First you decide the length of the table. You can choose system length between 6 m up to 10 m by adding modular 2m rail elements (with flex system every 1m). We recommend for the systems length following setups:

    6 m rail with 2 x 2m B2B table
    8 m rail with 2 x 2m B2B table + 1 x 1m B2B table
    10 m rail with + 2 x 2m B2B table + 2 x 1m B2B table

The next thing you need to decide is design of the table and functionality for example roll in and roll over on the stage or stay as it is in the middle. Tour system gives you possibility for easy disassembly and roll it over to backstage to make space for live bands on stage. After show ends you can bring the tables in again and use full functionality of sliding platforms with DJ equipment. If between live bands you have only 1 DJ you can easily slide on special and solid legs with wheels 1 x 2m Deejay B2B table without rail system. If you decide to have fixed table deck you choose Flex system which you can put on standard stage decks 2x1m. If your concerns are more about stage shape and design you can decide if you go with straight table or curved one. For more information and options please ask our team for advice.

Here are the measurements from the Fast Tracer vibration analyser and
dedicated vibration diagnostics software used to collect data at
vibration range of 0-2500 Hz:
1.1. The vibration measurement on the mixer shows a tenfold increase in
vertical displacement of the table without shock absorbers when
compared to the standard stage table setup.
1.2. The turntable, due to its design, exhibited higher damping properties
compared to the mixer. However, Deejay B2B Table fitted with shock
absorbers provided a significant, six-fold drop in the level of
displacement drastically outperforming any standard solutions.




Deejay B2B Table


Standard table

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